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If you have ‘stuff’ like this in your code

string == null ? "" : string;


if(string== null) string= ```;

or, more intelligently, you created a method like

String ifNullThenEmpty(String string) { return string == null ? "" : string;}

and maybe even smarter you stuck it all in a Utilities class as a static method…

…Don’t worry, I’ve done it too, it’s not a crime, Alan Turing won’t come and pull your feet while you sleep, nor will you find James Gosling sleeping on the landing the next morning so he can insult you before you cross the threshold.

If you use a version of Java from Java 7 onwards, you don’t need it, even if it’s simple, why reinvent the wheel? Has Oracle already prepared it for you? Use it (full stop).

The Objects class contains a method String toString(Object o, String nullDefault) which you can use as Objects.toString(string,"") if you statically import it, you can directly write toString(string,"").

Simple, clean, and you don’t have to test it; someone has already done it for you.

If you haven’t already, take the time to look at the other methods this class offers.