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“Good code is its own best documentation.” – Steve McConnell

One of the reasons for Java’s great success as a programming language is that it has dominated the Enterprise space since its inception and continues to do so.

Previously J2EE and today JEE 8 (at the time of writing JDK version 12) are the most popular platforms in areas such as banking and insurance.

Java still dominates the Android world, despite javascript solutions such as Ionic and the new IoT world. With regard to the Android world, the language Kotlin has been added for a while now, but it is still a long way from being overtaken.

One of the biggest advantages of the latest versions of Java EE is the reduction of boiler plate code. Developers can write less code, have better support for the latest Web applications and frameworks, plus greater scalability and a richer set of features that simplify tasks that were previously more complex (and tedious).

One of the greatest challenges for Java EE developers is to keep abreast of recent technical developments in their area of interest.

In this regard, I would like to point out, and recommend you follow, what I consider to be the benchmark blogs or portals.

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