Software Developer and Business Analyst since 1997. Solid experiences as a CTO, developer and analyst for insurance companies, insurance brokers,finance companies and private companies. More than 20 years of enterprise experiences in development of ERP, CMS, LMS projects. Java User Group User CoFounder based in Genova.

Programming Languages:I have extensive experience in Java, SQL, Unix shell scripting, I also have experience in Javascript,Python and R and others many languages such as C,C++,C#, PHP 5, RPG, Microsoft Active Server Pages, Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, Pascal. Markup and style sheet languages : XML,XPATH,XSLT, XHTML,HTML 5, CSS3 Application server: Oracle Glassfish, Jakarta Tomcat, IBM WebSphere 3.5 Databases (RDBMS): IBM DB2 UDB/400, Oracle Database 8i, Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000, Oracle MySQL. Java technologies,fameworks and libraries: Servlets, JSP, JSF, EJB, JMS, JPA, JDBC,JAXB,JAX-WS, JavaMail API,Jetspeed,Apache Torque,Apache Turbine, Apache Lucene, Jakarta Struts,Apache POI, iText, Hibernate, Eclipse TopLink. JUnit. Techniques: UML, Unified Process. Operative systems: Linux (Ubuntu),Unix (Solaris),OS/400. Microprocessors and microcontrollers: Zilog Z80,micro ST6, SPARC processors.