Massimo Caliman
by Massimo Caliman
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  • Context-Free Grammar
  • Pumping Lemma

Kleeneliness is next to Gödeliness


Given L a CF language then ∃ n∈N, n constant so that ∀ z∈L, |z|≥n so that we can decompose z=uvwxy so that 1 |vwx|≤n 2 |vx|>0 3 ∀ i≥0 we have that uvⁱwxⁱy∈L


One uses the lemma to prove that a language is not CF, to do so one must show, that fixed an arbitrary n arbitrary, ∃ zⁱwxⁱy∉L \ |z\≥n but so that for every possible decomposition such as uvwxy, with 1. and 2. constraints uvⁱwxⁱy∉L for some i≥0