Hello, I’m Massimo Caliman. I’m a software architect & developer with a consolidated experience on Java. I’m working as IT specialist since 1995 and since 1998 almost exclusively of Enterprise Java applications. I’m Java Italian Association member since 1999 and co-founder of Java User Group Genova. I also have experience in Python and R and others many languages such as C,C++,C#.

My interests include coding, Computer Science (especially algorithms and software design) and Data Science.
I made my passion my work.

How to contact me?

Here are a few places to touch base:

You can reach me by email at mcaliman@gmail.com

Technical knowledge and skills

  • I have extensive experience in Java SQL Unix shell scripting

  • I also have experience in Javascript Python and R and others many languages such as C C++ C# PHP 5 RPG Microsoft Active Server Pages Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Pascal

  • Markup and style sheet languages XML XPATH XSLT XHTML HTML 5 CSS3.
  • Application server Oracle Glassfish, Jakarta Tomcat, IBM WebSphere 3.5

  • Databases (RDBMS) IBM DB2 UDB/400, Oracle Database 8i, Microsoft SQL Server 7/2000, Oracle MySQL.

  • Java technologies,fameworks and libraries Servlets, JSP, JSF, EJB, JMS, JPA, JDBC,JAXB,JAX-WS, JavaMail API,Jetspeed,Apache Torque,Apache Turbine, Apache Lucene, Jakarta Struts,Apache POI, iText, Jasper Reports, Hibernate, Eclipse TopLink, JUnit.

  • Techniques UML, Unified Process.

  • Operative systems Linux (Ubuntu),Unix (Solaris),OS/400.

  • Microprocessors and microcontrollers Zilog Z80,micro ST6, SPARC processors.

  • CMS Drupal
  • LMS Docebo, Moodle
  • DMS Alfresco, SharePoint
  • ECM IBM WebSphere Portal

  • Others ERP, Software Project Management,
    General Insurance, Automation, Payment Systems, Access Control, Automotive,
    Google App Engine, QlikView Development

Professional assets

  • Pragmatic problem solving skills
  • Strong ambition for meeting deadlines
  • Proactive thinking
  • Highly self motivated
  • Lateral Thinking
  • Ability to adapt to changing trends, technology and general working environments
  • Excellent communication / Interpersonal / Social skills
  • Strong will to learn and adapt
  • Persistent
  • Able to work and make decisions under pressure


  • English
  • Italian (Mother tongue)


  • 1988 – 1991 Istituto tecnico Don Bosco di Genova (Technical Institute) “Diploma di Perito Industriale Capotecnico per l’Elettronica” (Graduated High School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science) Grade point 58/60 (A+)


  • 01/2018 - present, working for a company which leads in IT Consultancy Services Software Architect
  • 01/2017 – 31/12/2017 BDA Euro Brokers s.r.l Software Development Manager
  • 02/2012 – 05/2017 Sentosa s.r.l. CTO & Software Architect
  • 01/2011 – 01/2012 Arax s.r.l Software Architect & Developer
  • 07/2010 – 09/2010 Stachus s.r.l. Java Software Developer
  • 01/2010 – 05/2010 Britto Servizi s.r.l Project Manager & Software Developer
  • 03/2006 – 12/2009 Eterbit S.r.l CTO & Senior Java Developer
  • 10/2005 – 02/2006 Macbit S.r.l Senior Java Developer
  • 04/2003 – 07/2005 Text-e S.r.l Team Leader & Senior Java Developer
  • 04/2001 – 04/2003 Datasys S.p.a Project Manager & Senior Java Developer
  • 02/1999 – 04/2001 Studio Balbi S.u.r.l Java Developer
  • 06/1997 – 08/1998 Freelance Software Developer
  • 06/1995 – 06/1996 Municipality of Mignanego (Civil service) IT Specialist & Education


  • 1986-1987 Programmazione per Calcolatori Elettronici (*) - Basic Level
  • 1987-1988 Programmazione per Calcolatori Elettronici (*) - Intermediate Level
  • 1988-1989 Programmazione per Calcolatori Elettronici (*) - Advanced Level
  • 2002-2002 Course IBM ACG For Lotus Notes
  • 2002-2002 Course IBM PL971 WebSphere
  • 2009-2009 QlikView - Level Analyzer/Professional,Developer Level

(*) Programming Electronic Calculators/Computer Programming


  • 01/2016 Introduction to Big Data, Coursera Course Certificates, Lic. 3AJE4934J3WE
  • 02/2016 The Data Scientist’s Toolbox, Coursera Course Certificates, Lic. NG3B75Q3F7YE
  • 03/2016 R Programming,MARCH 2016,Coursera Course Certificates, Lic. ABDF8QZGRQWE
  • 01/2016 Python Progr.: A Concise Introduction, Coursera Course Certificates, Lic. HYMKLALFGZML

Seminars Presented

  • MAY 2003 “Java Base - package I/O e NET” at Webbit Conference Padova (Italy), organized by the Java Italian Association. http://www.webb.it/event/eventview/980/

  • JANUARY 2009 About Java PDF generation with iText at Department of Computer and Information Science of Genoa organized by the Java User Group Genova. https://www.disi.unige.it/eventsandseminars/expand-seminar?id_seminar=192

  • OCTOBER 2013 About Google App Engine organized by the Google Developer Group Genova https://www.slideshare.net/MassimoCaliman/google-app-engineoverviewseminario-definitiva


  • OCTOBER 2013 Dev Meetup 2013 Genova convenes software developers,technologists, entrepreneurs, investors and the broader innovation community regularly to learn and share. Powered by Google Developers Groups Genova (GDG Genova) https://developers.google.com/events/919380014/

Publications and articles

  • DECEMBER 1999 CoAuthor of “Un package per il debugging in Java” (DECEMBER 1999) published by Mokabyte (www.mokabyte.it) **Java Advanced category . http://www.mokabyte.it/mokaold/1999/12/debugjava.htm

  • MARCH 2000 CoAuthor of “Java e il protocollo UDP” (MARCH 2000) published by Mokabyte (www.mokabyte.it) **Java Advanced category. http://www.mokabyte.it/mokaold/2000/03/udp.htm


  • Associazione Italiana per l’Informatica ed il Calcolo Automatico (A.I.C.A) (Member)
  • Google Developers Group (GDG) Genova (Member)
  • Java User Group Genova (Co-Founder)
  • Java Italian Association (Member)