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Those who need to import users, courses, and user-course associations in an automatic and scheduled manner will necessarily have had to deal with I/O Tasks. Scheduling is subject to time settings in the I/O Task administration panel and the launch of a particular URL from cron. For the version under review (, it is not possible to re-launch a (daily) task if it has failed, or if it simply needs to be iterated again. The task is marked as executed. One possibility for re-executing it is to modify the last_execution field of the core_task table by changing the date to that of the previous day. The behaviour is evident by analysing the sources

  • docebo/doceboCore/class.module/class.iotask.php
  • docebo/doceboCore/lib/lib.iotask.php

and the tables core_task,core_connection,core_connector.

for better understanding below are the definitions of the tables concerned


create table core_task (
name varchar(50) not null default '',
description varchar(255) not null default '',
conn_source varchar(50) not null default '',
conn_destination varchar(50) not null default '',
schedule_type enum('at','any') not null default 'at',
schedule varchar(50) not null default '',
import_type varchar(50) not null default '',
map text not null,
last_execution datetime default null,
sequence int(3) not null,
primary key  (name)
) ENGINE=MyISAM default CHARSET=utf8


create table core_connection (
name varchar(50) not null default '',
description varchar(255) default NULL,
type varchar(50) not null default '',
params text,
primary key  (name)
) ENGINE=MyISAM default CHARSET=utf8


create table core_connector (
type varchar(25) not null default '',
file varchar(255) not null default '',
class varchar(50) not null default '',
primary key  (type)
) ENGINE=MyISAM default CHARSET=utf8

I am interested in learning more about the specific behaviour of docebo in this context,please do not hesitate to contact me,the version used of Docebo is