Massimo Caliman
by Massimo Caliman
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  • Programming

Python is a pleasant language to start programming in for several reasons. The syntax is essential, clear and has no syntactic frills, whereas Java has a lot of syntactic sugar.

It is possible to write powerful and interesting programs without a lot of work. However, Python is a dynamic language and has its merits and flaws. One could think of Python as a fairly informal language. Other languages, such as Java, C# and C++ are more formal.

These three programming languages have some obvious advantages. Firstly, speed: for very large programs Java, C# and C + + give better performance. Secondly, they are easier to maintain.

Much of what makes Python easy to use is that you have to remember certain things. For example, if you set a variable t as a reference to an integer or an object of type T, and then forget that t is of this type, then try to call a method for a string on it, you will get an error. Java, C# and C++ protect you from this kind of error by forcing you to declare the type of the object and each variable in advance before you can refer to it.

Python is representative of a whole class of languages, sometimes referred to as scripting languages such as PHP, Ruby and Perl.